About me

Anna Vihrogonova, Front End Developer

My name is Anna Vihrogonova. I am a highly motivated and ambitious personality with strong communication skills and learning ability. I have started as a self-taught front-end developer but continuously transform to the full stack.

Working on projects with others helped me to become a good team player. I have gained the ability to show my own initiative, problem-solving and deliver work effectively and accurately to tight deadlines. I am focusing on writing clean, elegant and efficient code. Working on new projects gives me the opportunity to learn and absorb new things. I like to challenge myself.

I am doing the contribution to the open source project where I can share my knowledge and learn something new from others. Currently, I continue to grow and improve my skills. I am very serious about my career and I am driven to be the best at what I do.



I am driven to succeed.


I thrive under pressure.


I am goal-oriented.


I am not afraid to ask questions.




Find me and Hire

Are you looking for a communicative, young, goal-oriented and ambitious Front-End Developer? I'm available for hire on a freelance, full-time or contract basis.
For any futher info, to discuss a project or even if you just fancy a chat feel free to drop me a line below, thanks.

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